Making A Difference

So what is Friday Feed Day?

Local Food ShelfLocal businesses donate 5% to community food shelves

Friday Feed Day is the last Friday of the month, every month. 

On Friday Feed Day, when you make a purchase at a participating local business, they will donate 5% of your purchase to the food shelf in their community.

Plus you get 5%, too!

In addition to donating 5% to local food shelves, participating businesses will also offer a 5% discount to their customers.   So you can save a little for yourself, and help your community at the same time!

It’s easy to make a difference

Participating in Friday Feed Day is an easy way to make a real difference in your community.  Whether you join the cause as a business, or if you shop at those businesses as a customer – it’s easy, and you’ll be helping the friends and neighbors right in your own backyard.

Want to become involved in Friday Feed Day?

What Can You Do?


When you shop at a business participating in Friday Feed Day they will automatically donate 5% of your purchase to the local food shelf!  


It's easy for your business to participate!  There is no cost, fee, or commitment to be part of Friday Feed Day - it is completely up to you!


Our mission is to help local communities by supporting their food shelves.  You can skip the hoopla and just donate to your local food shelf!
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